Special Deal! The Exclusive First Sale Promotion of REDMAGIC 8S Pro knocks off up to RM550 starting from 14th August

Greetings on behalf of REDMAGIC Malaysia!

It’s a pleasure connecting with you again, we hope you’re doing well.

REDMAGIC Malaysia has another surprise to share with you that can’t resist!

In conjunction to celebrate the launch of REDMAGIC 8S Pro, REDMAGIC Malaysia is glad to announce the exclusive first sale promotion today.

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First Sale Promotion & Availability

The first sale promotion of REDMAGIC 8S Pro knocks off up to RM550! First sale promotion offers will be available exclusively starting from 14th – 18th August 2023 on REDMAGIC Official Shopee Store (REDMAGIC MY) only.

Don’t miss out on the limited-time first sale promotion to level up your gaming experience!

Check out and visit REDMAGIC Website, REDMAGIC Malaysia Official Facebook (REDMAGIC Malaysia MY) and Instagram (redmagic.my) for more info and latest news.

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