The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 are the thinnest, most aesthetically balanced Galaxy Z series yet, but they have also been carefully designed to meet the durability needs of users. Before moving from the production line to a user’s pocket, these flexible devices are put through a series of rigorous reliability tests to ensure they can stand the test of time for any lifestyle and meet the highest standards possible.


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Check out the video below to learn how every element of Samsung’s latest foldables have been purposefully engineered to provide the incredible versatility expected from Galaxy Z series along with the durability that offers peace of mind.



– 0:05~0:25: Folding Test
– 0:25~0:32: Tumble Test
– 0:32~0:41: IPX8 Water Resistance Test
– 0:41~0:48: IPX4 Water Resistance Test
– 0:48~0:57: Environmental Chamber Test
– 0:57~1:11: Drop Test
– 1:11~1:16: S Pen Drawing Test
– 1:16~1:29: Steel Ball Drop Test

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