Galaxy Buds Live are Samsung Electronics’ latest open-type earbuds with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, leading audio quality bolstered by AKG’s sound expertise and Active Noise Cancellation for a truly immersive earbud experience. What’s more, Galaxy Buds Live feature a revolutionary ergonomic, tip-less design that conforms to the shape of your ear for all-day comfort.


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But just how effectively does this convention-defying design hold up when used for some of the most dynamic and movement-heavy activities out there? Samsung Newsroom handed over pairs of Galaxy Buds Live to several movement experts – to really put them to the test.



Challenge #2: Jump Roping

When you think of a jump rope, your first thought might be of children playing together at recess – but jump roping is also a competitive sport that involves athletes combining a range of different jumping techniques to create elaborate and stamina-testing routines.


The high intensity of jump roping as a sport makes it a great second choice of activity with which to ascertain the staying power of Galaxy Buds Live. Check out the video below to find out whether or not Galaxy Buds Live passed the second round of the Galaxy Buds Live challenge.



Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for the next installment in the Galaxy Buds Live challenge series.

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