Epson Products Win Prestigious iF Design Award 2022

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 20, 2022 – Four Epson product models including printers and projectors were named winners of the iF Design Award 2022. This is one of the world’s most celebrated design awards, organised by iF Industry Forum Design GmbH of Hannover, Germany.

Founded in 1953, the iF Design Award showcases industrial product designs that are particularly innovative. The selection criteria range from consideration of practicality and workmanship to innovativeness, sustainability, functionality, usability, safety, aesthetics, and universal design. This year, a jury panel made up of 132 design experts from around the world examined close to 11,000 entries submitted from 57 countries and regions.

Award-Winning Designs

Digital Colour Spectrophotometre SD-10

The SD-10 is a highly accurate, compact, and affordable spectrophotometre equipped with a MEMS Fabry-Perot tuneable filter developed by Epson. You can use it to digitise colour matching, a conventionally time-consuming part of printing done manually, and link it with a smartphone or cloud service to centrally manage colour information for smoother printing process. Pocket-sized and portable, it allows you to measure colours anytime, anywhere.

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Key design features

The form is simple, with all unnecessary elements eliminated, to maximise portability and operability. Great attention was paid to the finishing of details, and the colours and textures lend an aura of quality as an optical instrument.

Monna Lisa ML-64000 Digital Textile Printer

Epson Products Win Prestigious iF Design Award 2022

This is Epson’s first large textile printer to meet high-brand quality needs. It can directly print on fabrics up to 1.8 m wide.

Its size (2.4 m [H] x 6 m [W]) evokes building pillars and beams with a more robust look. A large centre window affords a view of the textiles being printed. This product helps 

enable the textile printing industry to shift from analogue to digital technology and reduce environmental impacts.

Key design features

The body is grey, a colour that conjures a sense of robustness befitting use in production and that helps hide stains and grime. The colour scheme is distinctive, with the Epson corporate colour serving as an accent.

EH-LS12000B Home Projector

This is a high-end home projector equipped with laser light source technology. It delivers real 4K image quality so that users who don’t have a home theatre setup can enjoy a sharp, bright, compelling home cinema experience even in a well-lit living room.

Key design features

The design, well-balanced and symmetrical, is exceptionally simple and clean in appearance. This allows the projector to blend in beautifully with the user’s living environment. While the ring encircling the lens of the projector was given a metallic finishing, the exterior housing design of the projector was refined by giving it a slight leather-like texture. All these design considerations are taken to give owners the utmost satisfaction of owning a high-end projector model.

ELPWP10 & ELPWP20 Presentation System

These wireless presentation systems transmit PC screen content to almost any display. You can easily send video to your display device by connecting a transmitter to your PC and clicking an icon on the screen. In addition, you can display the content from up to four devices on the same screen simultaneously, enhancing communication, creativity, and collaboration during meetings and workshops.

Key design features

The rounded corners of the presentation system’s transmitter are easier and more appealing for the human eyes. The clear LED indicators also let the users know when the device is successfully connected, without going through tiresome troubleshooting. This design was adopted to lower the psychological barriers for first-time users

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