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When we think about May, Mother’s Day or Labour Day normally come to mind. But, did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? This month is the time for you to check in with yourself and ‘spring clean’ the routines that may have dragged you. Read on to find out how you can celebrate this important initiative.


Note: You do not need to be personally affected by mental health to support Mental Health Awareness Month. The more people celebrating, the bigger the voice!



 Be Aware of Your Own Mental Health

It’s true that Mental Health Awareness Month is dedicated to increasing community awareness about mental health and wellness. However, it is essential to be self-aware before spreading awareness about anything. So, take a pause, and observe your daily routines, thoughts, feelings and state of mind.


With smart wearables like the Galaxy Watch4 that can monitor heart rate, sleep quality, breathing patterns, and even stress level, you can have a more holistic understanding of your overall wellbeing, the types of situations that create stress, and coping techniques to mitigate the downsides. When you feel overwhelmed, the arrow in the stress tracker will point towards red, and a guided deep breathing exercise recommendation will appear on-screen to help you calm your mind and body.



 Practice Daily Self-Care

Today’s overloaded schedules can send anyone into a tailspin, which is why it’s important to practice self-care daily. Whether it’s getting enough sleep every night, stepping outdoor for a breather or eating healthily, doing simple acts that you need and enjoy on a regular basis will help you build better mental resilience. Here are a few easy self-care activities you can do.


  • When stress levels rise, meditation and mindfulness practices are a great way to unwind. Samsung Health’s suite of meditation, sleep stories and mindfulness features powered by Calm can help you unwind, be in the present and relax your mind from the Monday blues.


  • Find an exercise activity you love and take 10 minutes out of your every day to do it. With a library of over 120 fitness programmes available in the Samsung Health app, you can enjoy exploring the routines to find your right one. Physical activities elevates endorphins, the happy hormones your body uses to fight sluggishness or sadness, so always keep your body active for a healthy mind.


  • Because mental and emotional health is also reflected from sleep quality, getting enough 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a comfortable environment is important. To develop a better sleeping habit, sign \yourself up to Galaxy Watch4’s one-month long Sleep Coaching program. Your sleeping pattern will be matched to a Sleep Symbol, and you’ll get daily reports and missions to refine your habits.



Build Awareness among Your Circle

Go a step further and encourage your friends to join your movement! Because actions speak louder than words, besides sharing informational mental health data on social media, you can be a positive role model to your circle by sharing your usual self-love activities too. Or, pump up the fun by inviting them to start a fitness squad. The Together Mode[1] in Samsung Health is where you and your friends can compete on fitness challenges against one another. Encouraging your friends and family to adopt to an active lifestyle can be a way to raise awareness for self-care, and mental health.


Now, activate your Samsung Health app if you haven’t, and get your personal mental health booster, the Galaxy Watch4 series, today via Samsung Online Store through links below. Since the Galaxy Watch4 series are available for trade in, it’s now easier than ever to own one and enjoy savings upfront! Besides that, receive up to RM50 additional rebate on top of the base trade in value too![2]


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[1]  All participants must have Android smartphone running 6.0 or above with the latest version of the Samsung Health app and a Galaxy smartwatch and/or fitness tracker.
[2] The Galaxy Watch4 is only eligible for Trade-In in Samsung Experience Stores and Samsung authorized dealers. Terms and Conditions apply. For more details, visit https://www.samsung.com/my/offer/mobile/trade-in/

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