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The budget smartphone is arguably the most important device category as it makes the wonderful technological possibilities of connectivity and internet highly accessible to the masses. This means allowing members of communities from key segments, such as the B40, to interact, be involved and updated with the world. In Malaysia, budget smartphones are also key tools for many, such as food delivery riders for work, kids for gaming, or students for learning.

While Malaysians are faced with variety of budget smartphone options that come with different features, colours, and size options, selecting a dependable device that can do it all is key. Ultimately, a smartphone that comes with powerful processing speeds should be one of the key consideration factors, as a faster processor will mean you get better performance and better all-round smartphone experience.
realme, a fast-growing smartphone brand, has recently launched the realme 9i that comes packed with upgraded features and the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 6nm processor, priced under RM1,000 to make flagship-level speeds and experience accessible to mass Malaysians. We explore below 4 reasons why the Snapdragon 680 6nm processor makes the realme 9i a game changing budget smartphone.

A powerful device packed with a number of upgrades

We know that smartphones are designed with various types of processors in mind – 5nm, 7nm, and the 12nm, which is considered the norm for the under-RM1,000 subcategory. But realme has changed the game and introduced the 6nm processor, that also comes with system upgrades for their fans to enjoy.

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The smaller the processor, the more powerful the performance. The 6nm processor provides an overall performance improvement when compared to the 12nm chipset, offering users a 52% decrease in power consumption, and a total of 46% increase in CPU, GPU, and AI performance. Users will now get smoother performance and stressless days for their phones.

A cooler device for smoother performance

For devices to stay cooler during intense and high-usage scenarios, they need to be equipped with features that offer lesser current loss. This is what users can expect with the 6nm processor – thanks to its upgraded technology, it offers realme 9i’s users worry-free days when they require heavy usage of the phone, no matter the time and no matter the scenario, as compared to the performance of the 12nm chipset.

A budget-friendly comrade on gamers’ battlefields

Gaming devices come packed with a variety of functions and features to provide you an immersive gaming experience. However, the one obstacle for gamers – especially those who are just starting to dip their toes in the gaming arena – is that these devices come at a high cost. In terms of smartphone, processors play a big role as they determine the wins for gamers through the smoothness of their battles.

Thanks to the 6nm processor, it offers a stable frame rate, which leads to a smoother, more immersive gaming experience, when compared against the 12nm chipset. Now, beginners who are just starting out their mobile gaming adventures, they will enjoy the smoothness of the 6nm on the realme 9i.

Providing cutting-edge technology through a cross-class product

In line with realme’s Dare To Leap philosophy, the brand has designed a powerful smartphone with the 6nm processor, that is made accessible to all its fans that come from diverse backgrounds – being the first to provide the most advanced processor available for this price segment.

realme believes that bringing powerful technology such as this into this budget-category will change the game of the space indefinitely – with this accessibility, more fans will be able to get their hands of greater technology so they don’t get left behind in the progression of technology. And with more accessibility to communities, this will empower our fans of diverse backgrounds to propel forward in their passions, together with the realme 9i.

With all this and more, the 6nm processor has proven to pack quite a punch with its variety of system upgrades. Together with the realme 9i, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 6nm processor is ready to offer the brand’s fans a redefined smartphone experience with a cost that is made accessible to all.

realme has officially launched the 9i in Malaysia on 19 January 2022. Fans can purchase the device priced at RM869 on realme Malaysia’s Official Store on Shopee to get their hands on this new game changing smartphone.

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