LG Electronics Returns to AHR Expo With Debut of 2022 HVAC Portfolio

Industry-Leading VRF Technologies, Energy Efficient Heat Pump Systems, IAQ Solutions
and Flexible Controls Headline Offerings at World’s Largest HVAC Conference

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SEOUL, Feb. 2, 2022 Air conditioning technologies leader LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing its robust 2022 lineup of commercial, light commercial and residential HVAC solutions – including industry-leading Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, latest energy efficient heat pump systems, indoor air quality solutions and flexible building automation and connectivity products – this week at the 2022 AHR Expo in Las Vegas.

One of the key highlights is the official debut of LG’s Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller (ISHPC). Bringing innovation to the air-cooled chiller category, the LG ISHPC utilizes inverter technology to provide hot and cold water for both comfort and process applications, delivering powerful performance without sacrificing quiet operation, flexibility or energy efficiency. By marrying key design attributes of VRF technology with chilled water production, LG raises the standard for air-cooled chillers with a robust set of high-performance features, providing engineers with a flexible, cost-effective and properly sized solution for air-source heat pump heating and cooling. In tandem with the market’s growing trend towards electrification, the high heating low ambient performance of the new LG ISHPC is a viable engineering solution that meets hot water heating requirements while supporting a carbon reducing strategy.

“After many months, we’re excited to join the industry in returning to AHR Expo – both virtually and in-person,” said Steve Scarbrough, senior vice president, Air Conditioning Technologies, LG Electronics USA. “We’re looking forward to sharing LG’s latest offerings and product innovations in air quality, electrification and smart connectivity as we exhibit our most innovative lineup of industry-leading tools for commercial and residential applications, this year and beyond.”

Attendees of the world’s largest industry trade show for HVAC engineers, contractors, distributors and other trade professionals visiting LG’s booth #N7906 can interact with the latest LG air conditioning technologies and award-winning products and controls.

In addition to the LG Inverter Scroll Heat Pump Chiller, AHR attendees can expect to see the following solutions:

LG Split Compact DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System)

An AHR 2022 Innovation Award finalist in the ventilation category, LG Split Compact DOAS features a main coil and hot gas reheat coil and fully dehumidifies, cools, or heats outdoor air needed to ventilate an occupied space, particularly for retrofit applications with limited ceiling, pipe or ductwork space. Garnering a finalist distinction in the AHR 2022 Innovation Award indoor air quality category, the Split Compact DOAS features a factory-installed heat recovery section, built-in graphics in the DOAS controller and optional AC Smart® touchscreen controller. The integration of the DOAS controls with the LG VRF system provides for efficient day-to-day monitoring and control by facilities managers.

LG Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater

LG’s Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater is an energy efficient alternative to electric resistance or gas water heaters. Ideal for residential applications, the LG Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater delivers hot water with an ENERGY STAR® certified efficiency of 3.75 UEF. The Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater features LG inverter compressor, quiet operation at 42 dB(A) and Wi-Fi capability for remote management using the LG ThinQ® smartphone app.

LG Multi F MAX with LGRED° [36K, 42K, and 48K Units]

A multi-zone heat pump system with single outdoor unit that can connect up to eight indoor units, the LG Multi F MAX with LGRED° heating technology provides continuous heating down to -25°C and 100 percent of rated capacity at -15°C. Ideal for residential and light commercial applications, Multi F Max with LGRED° is designed to allow individual indoor units to be placed in respective rooms, enhancing space comfort by enabling individual temperature settings, while avoiding over-cooling and/or heating and thus minimizing uncomfortable temperature swings.


The MultiSITE™ VM3 offers central control of LG’s innovative VRF technology and non-VRF building systems. Powered by the industry leading Niagara Framework®1, the VM3 offers a HTML5 web-based graphical user interface that can easily be customized to address building or customer requirements. MultiSITE VM3 is scalable and IoT ready.

LG ThinQ® App

The LG ThinQ App allows remote control of LG HVAC equipment, along with other LG home appliances. ThinQ features include voice-activated commands, the ability to authorize remote access for technicians and schedule comfort conditions on an individual room basis. With Smart Diagnosis™, users can ask system experts questions directly to ensure proper system performance and maintenance.

For more information on LG products featured at the 2022 AHR Expo, visit the LG Electronics booth #N7906. Additional information on the complete portfolio of LG’s air conditioning systems can be found at lghvac.com.

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