Make the Most of HUAWEI Sound Joy

Bluetooth speakers are super handy and convenient for large and small gatherings, as you will be able to access your very own playlist straight from your mobile phone, and of course taking requests from the partygoers.

Speaking of parties, no party is complete without good music.  If your celebrations are taking place outdoors, worry not as you can opt for a portable Bluetooth speaker like HUAWEI Sound Joy that you can charge up at home and take with you wherever you go. 

Here are our top tips and tricks that will help you take advantage of the many features the smart speaker offers.

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Tip #1: Tap and Let the Music Flow

There’s an abundance of portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but one of the main gripes for consumers is how inconsistent pairing can be. Sometimes these speakers simply refuse to recognise any requests for pairing and troubleshooting and retrying can take a good while. With HUAWEI Sound Joy, that ceases to be an issue. The new portable speaker from HUAWEI supports One-touch Transfer, which lets you connect your Android smartphone to the speaker instantly with a simple touch and kick off the party. With HUAWEI Sound Joy, you’ll never again let silence be the party vibe killer.

Tip #2: Link’em up!

At parties, nobody complains about having too many speakers around – it’s always the more the merrier. If you have two HUAWEI Sound Joy speakers, you can easily link up the two to create a set of stereo speakers by shaking the two. When the pairing mode is active, the indicator will light up with a swirling effect. Once paired, the speaker will play a voice to confirm the connection and turn off the indicator lights. With this feature, you can enjoy immersive stereo sound anytime, anywhere.

Tip #3: Your Wish Is Its Command

When we’re mingling at parties, we don’t always have our hands available for using our phones or tablets. This is the perfect opportunity to make use of the Voice Assistant button on the side of the HUAWEI Sound Joy. Pressing it summons the AI of your connected device, allowing you to do the things you want your phone to do via voice. Wondering what’s the traffic’s like, or fancy changing the music to something that’s more like your jam? Just say the word and HUAWEI Sound Joy will take care of it.

Tip #4: Incredible ease of use

Designed to make the user experience as seamless as possible, HUAWEI Sound Joy supports Automatic Discovery, making the paring process incredibly intuitive and painless. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing with your devices – you could be working, gaming or watching a movie on your smartphones, tablets or laptops – they automatically discover and attempt to connect to the speaker when they’re in proximity, allowing you to pair the devices with a simple click. 

Tip #5: Control playback remotely

For extra convenience, you can use a compatible Huawei smartwatch for music control. Pairing that with the speaker is as easy as any other device, requiring just a few easy taps. From the smartwatch, you can play or pause music, skip tracks and adjust volume. This gives you full control over the music that’s playing, even when you’re not physically around the speaker.

Measuring 202mm height and weighing 680g with a diameter of 73mm, the HUAWEI Sound Joy is easy to carry around just like a water bottle. Despite its size, the speaker is incredibly powerful, thanks to the joint engineering efforts from HUAWEI and Devialet, a world-renowned Hi-Fi audio brand.  

The speaker comes in two attractive colours – Graphite Black and Spruce Green. Priced at RM 699, the HUAEWEI Sound Joy is available nationwide on HUAWEI Official Website, HUAWEI Experience Stores, authorised platforms and retail stores. To make it better, consumers can get two HUAWEI Sound Joy at RM999 (RRP: RM1,398) until 30th June 2022. *

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