OPPO introduced its powerful vertical cover screen with the launch of Find N2 Flip, and in mere months, the phone became the most popular foldable in China by a large margin. This incredible feat is testament to Find N2 Flip’s premium build, impressive cameras, and first-class performance, but the number one feature Find N2 Flip users love above all others is its powerful cover screen.

When Find N2 Flip was released, its 3.26-inch cover screen was the largest of any flip phone. Now, with the launch of Find N3 Flip, OPPO has overhauled the cover screen experience to deliver improved usability and best-in-class camera performance.

At the heart of Find N3 Flip’s flagship features is its impressive vertical cover screen. Its tall orientation is instantly familiar, mirroring the smartphone experience everyone knows. By being vertical, Find N3 Flip’s cover screen creates the horizontal space needed for a best-in-class camera system, and it also previews photos with almost no crop.

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There are so many ways Find N3 Flip’s powerful cover screen helps it strike a perfect balance, so let’s explore exactly what’s been upgraded from Find N2 Flip, outline how cover screen apps elevate the flip phone experience, and understand how the vertical cover screen makes a world-class camera possible.

From Find N2 Flip to Find N3 Flip

Find N2 Flip demonstrates why a vertical cover screen makes sense with the simplest tasks. Every time you look at your notifications, it displays more on its tall cover screen, and when browsing text messages and adjusting quick settings, with Find N2 Flip, there’s less scrolling than on smaller or square displays. OPPO even includes built-in and customisable quick replies, as well as speech-to-text support to add even more functionality when using the phone closed.

Find N3 Flip brings back all Find N2 Flip’s advantages over alternative cover screens, while simultaneously overhauling and upgrading the experience from the ground up.

Easier to use than ever, Find N3 Flip’s cover screen introduces a familiar apps menu – just swipe from right to left to pull it into view – so if you’ve used an Android phone with an apps tray, expect zero learning curve when navigating its interface.

OPPO has also upgraded the vertical cover screen’s home screen, adding support for up to three dynamic widgets, so you can quickly access handy features like your camera, voice notes, weather, or even shortcut straight to a messaging app.

It isn’t all about productivity, though, with Find N3 Flip bringing back interactive cover screen pets and upgrading them from 2D to 3D. This time, there are also more pets to pick from, including a Bird, Cat, Dog, Hamster, Koala, Panda, Rabbit, and Tiger. These animated fur babies reflect what you’re doing – listening to music or sleeping, for example – or they just get on with what they do best: looking playful and charming.

Cover Screen Apps

Find N3 Flip also upgrades the cover screen with another much-requested feature, support for third-party apps.

The vast majority of Android apps are optimized to work on a vertical screen, just like the screen of a typical smartphone. That means apps are natively oriented to look great on a tall display, just like Find N3 Flip’s cover screen.

To make sure every detail is on point and to perfect how each app looks and functions on its front display, OPPO worked with Google and other partners to fine-tune the experience for the most popular Android apps.

The native Google Phone app, Maps, Keep, and Gmail are all ready to go for cover screen use, as are popular social media apps for short-form video and short-form posting services. When displaying these apps, Find N3 Flip’s taller screen shows more emails, messages, and posts than more square alternatives – mirroring your phone’s main display for a more intuitive view.

Find N3 Flip can natively control currently playing music from the cover screen, irrespective of which app’s playing back content, but it’s also been optimized for the most popular music streaming app with a fully featured interface so you can access your playlists and discover new music.

If you’re travelling, you can even access maps and car-hailing services without opening your phone, and when hunger strikes, quickly order food in moments, all from Find N3 Flip’s front display.

The Best Camera on a Flip Phone

Have you ever wondered why the camera sensor on a phone is normally the same orientation as its main display? It’s so you can see the fullest picture possible when previewing your photos and videos. This same logic extends to cover screens.

OPPO makes the only flip phones with a cover screen that’s also the same aspect ratio as the camera sensor, so when you’re using the Find N2 Flip or Find N3 Flip’s front display to take a selfie or a group shot, your preview has almost no crop.

By contrast to Find N3 Flip’s seamless selfie experience, photos taken on square cover screen flip phones produce a significant crop by default, using a smaller portion of the camera sensor and taking a lower-quality photo.

There’s another reason Find N3 Flip’s vertical cover screen helps make its cameras the best flip phone imaging system possible: space for quality camera hardware. What do we mean? World-class camera hardware requires space for large camera sensors and high-quality optics. Square cover screen flip phones push the cameras to the side or squeeze them within the display. This results in lower-quality camera hardware.

Find N3 Flip is the world’s first flip phone with a triple camera system, and the world’s first flip phone with a telephoto camera. It also has the largest sensors of any flip phone across all three of its cameras. By bringing back its large vertical cover screen and crafting the striking Cosmos Ring camera system, OPPO has created the most compromise-free flip phone camera possible. Handy, but without sacrificing the usability of your most crucial smartphone features.


So whether you need to quickly reply to a message or call, navigate to a meeting or hail a cab, or send a perfectly framed, portrait-perfect selfie to a family group or loved one, you won’t even need to open Find N3 Flip to flow through your day in a compromise-free way.

Ultimately, OPPO Find N3 Flip refines an already iconic experience, taking Find N2 Flip’s large, 3.26-inch vertical cover screen, adding a wealth of features to it, and enhancing the camera system to create a supremely balanced flip phone.

To learn more about OPPO Find N3 Flip, visit https://bit.ly/OPPOFindN3Flip-info

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