From password logins to blockchain keys, many of us regularly store valuable information on our smartphones. While this enables us to enjoy more convenience, it also makes our mobile devices a target for malicious actors.


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We want users to enjoy our technology and innovations without a worry, which is why Galaxy devices come with a wide range of industry-leading security solutions to protect personal data. Samsung Knox protects, isolates, and secures data from the hardware chip up, while Secure Wi-Fi provides a safe environment for internet browsing on public wireless connections. And in case of loss or theft, the Find My Mobile service enables users to remotely locate the smartphone, as well as backup and protect data stored on the device.


For the Galaxy S20, we continued to build on this solid security foundation. At the heart of the enhanced system is the secure processor, which is engineered to ensure your data is protected even against advanced hardware attacks.



Enhanced Hardware Security

Just like the way locksmiths can use tools to get past a locked door, malicious actors can manipulate components (physical attacks), provoke hardware errors (fault attacks), or analyze heat and electromagnetic emissions (side-channel attacks) to breach smartphone security. These attacks, also known as hardware attacks, can only happen if the hacker gets hold of the device physically.


The Galaxy S20’s secure processor is Samsung’s solution to counter against hardware attacks. The component is a physical chip that provides an isolated space to protect confidential data in the device. In addition to the continuous scrambling and encrypting of confidential data, it employs a physical shield to guard against physical attacks. The component can also detect invalid voltage or temperature changes and is equipped with security algorithms to thwart side-channel attacks.



An Extra Level of Protection for Your Data

The secure processor protects a wide range of valuable data on your smartphone, starting from the lock screen. It ensures that your lock screen PIN, pattern, or password are not susceptible to guesses by making it almost impossible for attackers to reset the error counter, which monitors the number of failed unlock attempts.


In addition to lock screen data, the secure processor can also process blockchain private keys, which are similar to banking passwords for crypto-currency wallets. The component even supports Strongbox Keymaster, meaning it provides hardware protection for private keys or sensitive data on third-party apps.


As a part of Samsung Knox’s multi-layered security platform, the secure processor will not only keep your data protected on the go but also enable safer, more convenient mobile experiences in the future.


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* Details may vary by market.

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