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About ‘TechniPod’ on SYOK
  • Malaysian techies and gamers can now stream ‘TechniPod’, a local English SYOKcast (podcast) series presenting engaging discussions about e-sports, e-games playthroughs, video games news, computers, gadgets, and more exclusively on SYOK.

  • Co-hosted by Aiden (zero_aiden on Twitch) and Nav (navsgames on Twitch), two young IT consultants with vast experience in e-sports, online gaming and the IT industry, and supported by producer, Cat, the trio will take listeners through a series of entertaining discussions, to discover the latest technology developments with some highlights of their favourite games, gadgets and more.
  •  Season 1 of ‘TechniPod’ offers 10 episodes, which will divulge the most interesting and practical topics in online gaming and tech industry including: The Gaming Console War!, Social Media And Us, E-Whatlets?, E-Sports During The Pandemic, Learning Through Games, We Talk About Video Games, A Lot, The Quirky Side Of Tech, Choose Your Mobile, What’s Your New Year’s Resolution, 4K?, and Tech Rewind 2020.
  • Avid streamers can now enjoy episodes 1 to 4 of the ‘TechniPod’ SYOKcast available on the SYOK app and website. New episodes will be available on every Tuesdays at 10am. Stay up-to-date on the latest tech, gaming and geek trends or simply build your knowledge with Aiden and Nav on SYOK.
  • Follow SYOK and stream for more fresh, exciting episodes of ‘TechniPod’.


‘TechniPod’ Episodes and Synopsis

‘TechniPod’ Episodes and Synopsis

Episode 1: The Gaming Console War!

With the launch of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, which should you choose? Join Aiden and Nav on this pilot episode of TechniPod as they share their thoughts on both devices!

Stream now on the SYOK app!

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Episode 2: Social Media And Us

So much social media and so little time. Aiden, Nav and Cat talk about recent developments on their favourite social media platforms and what direction the plat forms are heading in.

Stream now on the SYOK app!

Episode 3: E-Whatlets?

How do E-wallets work and which one should you use? On this episode of TechniPod your chatty trio will be talking about their experiences using E-wallets in Malaysia and share some ideas on how e-wallets may develop.

Stream now on the SYOK app!


Episode 4: E-Sports During The Pandemic

The pandemic has impacted gaming in many ways, on this episode of TechniPod the gang talks about how E-sports, viral games and live streaming has grown in the past year.

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Episode 5: Learning Through Games

If life is a game, why not make learning fun? What is gamification, how is it being used and can it actually be beneficial when it comes to picking up something new and unfamiliar?

Stream on 2 March at 10am via the SYOK app


Episode 6: We Talk About Video Games, A Lot

Three adults talk about how they spent way too much of their free time playing video games during the lockdown this past year.

Stream on 9 March at 10am via the SYOK app


Episode 7: The Quirky Side Of Tech

From InfraRed to Augmented Reality Aiden, Nav and Cat talk about some of lesser known and used bits of technology with a couple of sprinkles of their views on what more we could possibly do with them.

Stream on 16 March at 10am via the SYOK app

Episode 8: Choose Your Mobile

A sea of mobile phones just waiting for buyers to take the plunge. On this episode of TechniPod, Aiden, Nav and Cat talk about some new phone launches and their thoughts on buying a new mobile device.

Stream on 23 March at 10am via the SYOK app


Episode 9: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution, 4K?

Despite the fact 4K displays were introduced quite a while back actually watching Ultra High Definition content has had its own set of limitations. Then, what about 8K?

Stream on 30 March at 10am via the SYOK app


Episode 10: Tech Rewind 2020

The crew wraps up season 1 of TechniPod by running back through some of their favourite tech launches from 2020 and sharing their opinions on some of the upcoming launches.

Stream on 6 April at 10am via the SYOK app




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